Elim Family Festival 2022
Saturday 30th July - Saturday 6th August

We are really excited about Elim Festival 2022. It’s not just because we are going to meet in-person on a field, thought that’s very exciting, it’s because we really believe that God has spoken to us about the festival. As we now feel confident about the festival going ahead next year, we are now working on the speakers and program. We will update the website as this develops more. There is a huge amount of activity behind the scenes and we cannot wait to share what we are planning with you.

Speakers and Guests

For the next few years Elim Family Festival will be partnering with some of the amazing departments of the wider Elim movement.

As well as guest speakers and artists, Elim Family Festival boasts an amazing bunch of its own speakers and worship leaders who will help you experience God in a new way as well as sending you home with some stuff to chew over.