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Coming to the Elim Family Festival as a Worker is a very rewarding way to experience the event. There are lots of roles to choose from and you're sure to find one to suit you. See our Worker Job Descriptions for all the information on what's available.

Early Bird & Regular Priced Tickets
To qualify for Early Bird discounts, payment must be paid in FULL by 1st April, 2022. After this date, only Regular Priced ticket prices will apply.

Catering is available to add onto your booking. This rate includes a breakfast and an evening meal and is only available at this price when pre-booked in advance. You will be issued with tokens for your pre-booked meals when you check in on site and collect your Welcome Pack. Lunch options will be available to buy separately from the café every day, including meal deals. See 'Catering Required?' for details as you complete your booking. For catering purposes, 'Adult' applies to any person 12+.

Special dietary requirements
We apologise that if you are having the Catered option, we cannot cater for special dietary requirements or guarantee the food has been prepared in an allergen-free workspace. If you have any questions on ingredients used and how it is prepared, please speak to the Cookhouse team when on site.

Everyone on site is invited to join us for our final evening event on Friday 5th August, which will include food at no cost to you.

Details on your child's emotional, mental health, learning or behavioural difficulties
Please inform us of any details that will help our leaders care for your child in the best possible way. Informing us at this point means we can prepare for the welfare of your child before they arrive, which means they will enjoy their time with us much more.

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