Terms and Conditions

Elim Family Festival Terms and Conditions
1. Use of your Personal data
All personal data is collected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. A copy of this can be found on the Elim Family Festival website here Elim Family Festival Privacy Policy.
Elim Family Festival will use your information to communicate with you about your booking prior to, during, and after the Festival. It will not be used for marketing purposes. If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy or the way your data will be used please contact the Elim Family Festival Administrator at elimfest@gmail.com or 1, Grove Lane, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 8ES.

2. Bookings
All bookings are subject to the agreement by all guests to abide by the Elim Family Festival Rules. A copy of these can be found on our website and a copy available here Elim Family Festival Rules. The lead booker will be asked to confirm this for each member of their party when completing the booking form. Elim Family Festival management reserve the right to take appropriate and proportionate action if these rules are found to have been breached.
In order to secure the price advertised when submitting your booking, the total payment due required in full by the advertised deadline for your price tier. If payment is not reached by this date, the amount due will increase to that of the next tier. Full details of tier prices and deadlines can be found on the website.
A Kit List of recommended items to bring to Elim Family Festival can be found on the website here Suggested Kit List.

3. Cancellation
If you wish to cancel your booking please contact the Festival Administrators at elimfest@gmail.com or 1 Grove Lane, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 8ES. Elim Family Festival reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £10 per person before processing a refund. Refunds will only be given if requested more than 4 weeks before the start of the festival.

4. Elim Family Festival Workers
Anyone applying to be a worker at Elim Family Festival should familiarise themselves with the job descriptions which can be found on the website here Workers Job Descriptions before submitting their role preferences on their booking form. Three different options MUST be selected. Please note that submitting your request is not a guarantee for a particular role. Elim Family Festival will endeavour to place you in one of your three preferred areas, but this is subject to the needs of the Festival. All workers may be asked to complete duties in other areas if needed.
Elim Family Festival takes Safeguarding seriously. If applying for a role which requires a DBS check, you must hold one with your local church and provide the details when asked for us to verify this. If you do not hold a valid DBS certificate this may affect the role the Festival can allocate to you.
Anybody on site prior to the start of the Festival (Thursday, 11am) must be present to aid with the set-up of the site and will be asked to perform any task necessary to complete the set-up process. All workers booked in for the full duration of the Festival are also required to help with the set-down process on the final Saturday. Please contact the workers team at elimfestworkers@gmail.com with any queries.

5. Catered Guests
All catered guests aged 12 and over will be asked to complete one session of washing up in the cookhouse to contribute to the running of the Festival.

6. Filming and Photography
Your attendance at Elim Family Festival implies permission for us, and agencies authorised by us, to reproduce your image, likeness and voice on or in publicity material including online. This may include circulation outside the UK.

7. Electric Hook-Up
There are a limited number of Electricity Hook-ups available. Elim Family Festival will provide a hook-up to those that apply at the time of booking, on a first come, first served basis. We may not be able to offer this service to those booking in on-site once the Festival has begun.
Our team of electricians will provide you with guidelines for usage, including, but not limited to, maximum wattage of electrical items in use. Those found repeatedly exceeding recommended usage, and causing disruption to the service to those around them, may have the service withdrawn. A refund will not be issued in these circumstances.

8. Children
All children remain the responsibility of their appointed parents/carers except when registered in their relevant sessions.
Elim Family Festival will do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment. Full details of our Safeguarding Policy are available on request.

Elim Family Festival is part of  the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance (Registered Charity Number: 251549)